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Interweb: Job Openings

via Baseball Think Factory, has posted some new job openings for the 2007 season. Positions include:

Stat Stringer

Responsibilities include:
  • Arrive at the ballpark no later than one hour prior to the scheduled start time;
  • Double-check and verify all pre-game information: rosters, umpires, weather conditions, etc.;
  • During the game, enter the results of every pitch and game event (plays, substitutions, etc.) using our proprietary software and coding language;
  • Work closely with our game-night support staff (via instant messenger) to ensure proper scoring of all game events and accuracy of data;
  • After the game, enter all post-game information: winning and losing pitcher, saves, holds, time and attendance
  • Validate all stats in software box score against the official box score provided by the Official Scorer, and print out a final box score and game text for the club PR staff
Pitch f/x Operator
Responsibilities include:
  • Arrive at the ballpark no later than two hours prior to the scheduled start time;
  • Perform a ready-for-air check with the system's Video Engineer;
  • Double-check and verify both team's rosters, batting lineups, pitchers, and other pre-game information;
  • Size the strike zone for each batter during the game;
  • Enable and/or disable pitch tracking between innings;
  • Work closely with the Video Engineer and MLB stats personnel to ensure accuracy of data;
  • Provide detailed post-game reporting and recaps.
Sports Reporter
Responsibilities include:
  • Column writing from live games across the country, as well as the news of the day off the field.
  • Non-column writing that helps feed the beast that is a 24-by-7 deadline cycle.
  • Factual reporting; intelligent writing.
  • Nuanced analysis and insightful commentary.
  • Professional representation of our company inside and outside our walls.
  • Multimedia experience a plus.
The jobs are posted on, so if you already have a resume and are interested in a part-time job in baseball for next season