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Glavine looks to hammer out a deal

While Tom Glavine spends his nights curled up in a ball on John Schuerholz's front porch waiting for an offer that may never come, his Agent Gregg Clifton thinks that a decision on his future may come as soon as tomorrow. This whole time we have been waiting for Glavine to make a decision a few things have become alarmingly clear:
  1. Glavine wants to go back to Atlanta, ostensibly because that's where his family will be
  2. The Braves aren't tripping over themselves to accommodate him
  3. The Mets have been the picture of class throughout this whole ordeal
If Glavine decides to return to Atlanta for 2007 it won't be because the Mets didn't want him and it certainly won't be because they treated him badly. The Mets have given Glavine carte blanche to pursue a deal with Atlanta because they know that family comes first and that's where Glavine's family wants to be. They also know that family is the only thing Atlanta can offer Glavine that the Mets can not. New York gives Glavine the best chance to win his 300th game in 2007. It also gives him the best chance to go back to the postseason, and, let's be honest, the Mets have more money to spend on him. They are also willing to offer him a no-trade clause, something Schuerholz doesn't give to anyone.

I don't blame Glavine for trying to do what's best for his family, nor would I blame him if he finds that the Braves' well has run dry and decides to come back to the Mets. Glavine's not an ace anymore, but he's a reliable, experienced left-handed pitcher and there aren't too many of those around. He can be counted on to post an ERA somewhere in the threes and throw two hundred innings. He will embarrass neither with the stick nor with the glove. He'll be the embodiment of professionalism on the field, and he will be a respectful face of the franchise off the field.

To some extent, I think the Mets have put some of their other pitching plans on the back burner while they wait for Glavine to finish his dance. Barry Zito is still out there, Javier Vazquez is still out there, Jose Lima and his wife are still out there. Let's get this thing over with and let's get Tommy back in orange-and-blue.

UPDATE [3:55pm]: ESPNews is reporting that the Mets and Glavine have come to terms on a one-year deal (per More info as it becomes available.

UPDATE [4:41pm]: WFAN is reporting that the deal is for one year and $10.5 million. If true, this is just a fantastic signing for the Mets. Glavine will stabilize the rotation and provide above-average production for just a couple million more than Adam Eaton will make. No long-term commitment, another great job by Omar Minaya.