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Around the Horn

  • Astros acquire Jason Jennings from Rockies for three players.

    The three players are Willy Tavares, Taylor Buchholz and Jason Hirsh. Hirsh was the top pitching prospect in the Astros' system, and Buchholz has good potential as well. Jennings has a 622-to-425 strikeout-to-walk ratio in his career. He *has* been a decent groundball pitcher, though. Still, it looks like the Astros probably gave up a lot here.

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  • Rangers sign Eric Gagne, Kenny Lofton to one-year deals

    Gagne will earn $5 million base plus innings pitched or games finished bonuses, while Lofton will make $6 million. Gagne won the Cy Young just three seasons ago, but he has been a physical wreck the past two years, pitching a combined 15.1 innings. It'll be worth the risk if they get 50-60 appearances out of him. Lofton has been more than decent the past two seasons, at least against right-handed pitching.

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  • Mariners ink Miguel Batista for three years, $24 million

    Well, Batista is a good bet to throw 180 innings, and he probably won't embarrass anyone out there. He's probably not appreciably worse than Gil Meche (he might even be better), whom the Royals will pay $55 million over the next five seasons.

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