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Daily Stat Fix

2006 double play rates.

Player                DP    DP%
Julio Franco       14   37.8%
Shawn Green         9   30.0%
Paul Lo Duca       17   18.7%
Lastings Milledge   5   17.2%
Xavier Nady         7   13.7%
David Wright       17   11.7%
Endy Chavez         9   11.5%
Carlos Delgado     14   10.0%
Jose Reyes          7    9.5%
Jose Valentin       7    8.1%
Cliff Floyd         6    8.1%
Carlos Beltran      9    6.2%
DP represents total double plays and DP% is the percentage of double play opportunities in which the batter actually hit into a double play. The list is actually fairly intuitive, as the better baserunners (Reyes, Valentin, Beltran) appear at the bottom of the list while the sluggardly runners (Franco, Lo Duca, Green) are at the top.

The biggest surprise may be Carlos Delgado, who only grounded into a double-play once out of every ten opportunities to do so. Considering how often Beltran walked or singled in front of him, the big guy acquitted himself rather nicely. Despite his physical stature, Delgado can actually get that sizable carcass moving.