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Amazin' Avenue Caption Contest

UPDATE: Remember folks, contest expires at 5pm EST today, so get your captions in.

The Winter Meetings are underway in Orlando, Florida, so while we wait for interesting news to roll in, I though it'd be fun to have a caption contest. You know the drill: I'll post a picture and you guys post captions. The best captions will be put to a vote, and the winner will get a copy of New York Mets Vintage World Series Films DVD.

Here's the picture (click to enlarge):

Yes, it's David Wright doing Jebus-knows-what. And here's my sample caption:

"Wooo! That dude is totally coming on to me!"

Contest ends at 5pm on Wednesday. And... go!

(oh, and unlike the postseason caption contest that was a complete bust, I will actually follow through on this one.)

Originally posted on Mon Dec 04, 2006 at 03:13:58 PM EST