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Interweb: Journal News: Randolph Holds Court

Mets' beat writer John Delcos checks in from his blog at The Journal News and sums up Willie Randolph's recent conversation with the media.

* He has confidence in his bullpen and the team still wants to bring back Guillermo Mota.
* Talks are on-going with his agent Ron Shapiro, on a contract extension.
* As of now Jose Valentin and Shawn Green go into spring training as the second baseman and right fielder, but ``nothing is etched in stone.
* The plan is to move coach Sandy Alomar from first to third and hire a new first base coach.
* He has not lost confidence in Lastings Milledge and that he felt he was over scrutinized last year.
* He's a little disappointed in not being named NL Manager of the Year.
Good stuff all around. Rumors earlier today indicated that former Met Rickey Henderson is a candidate for the Mets' vacant first base coaching gig.