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Mets talking to Mulder is reporting that, while they are biding their time on the Barry Zito front, the Mets have rendezvoused (trying to avoid "Mets met") with Mark Mulder and his agent, Gregg Clifton, who also happens to represent Tom Glavine. Like Zito, Mulder would welcome a reunion with Rick Peterson.

"We just had a nice meeting with the Mets where they expressed some interest, and obviously we expressed some interest back to them," Clifton said. "From Mark's perspective, there's the chance to join back with Rick Peterson."
And Glavine has already gotten in on the act
"Obviously, our other client, Tom Glavine, has spoken to Mark and is being the official recruiter for the Mets on behalf of Mr. Mulder," Clifton said. "That's still, I think, a ways away. ... I still think that's in the formulation stage as opposed to the transactions stage."
Mulder underwent shoulder surgery to repair his rotator cuff in September and it's not clear whether he'll be in game shape in time for opening day. What *is* clear is that Mulder doesn't turn 30 until August and that he has consistently been an innings-eating groundball machine throughout his career. He was 4th in the National League in groundball-to-flyball ratio last season at 2.36; he was 3rd in 2005 at 2.74. He isn't a big strikeout guy, but his talents have value and the recent surgery likely means a shorter-term deal with more incentives.