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Amazin' Avenue Caption Contest: Voting Round #2

* * * ROUND 2 UPDATE * * *

Here is the virtual voting booth for the first ever Amazin'A venue Caption Contest. Remember, the winner takes home a copy of New York Mets Vintage World Series Films DVD.

Voting will end at 5pm on Monday, so get your votes in.

(This is the second and final round of the voting. You can see the results of the first round here.)

UPDATE [12/9 @ 9:53am]:, the supplier of these polls, is having some server problems. Once those are sorted out the current poll as well as the link to the first round poll should be available. Sorry for the confusion.

UPDATE [12/10 @ 12:45am]: has their server problems sorted out so the poll should be working now. Thanks for everyone's patience with this. The next time promises to be a much smoother process.

Here's the picture (click to enlarge):