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Around the Horn

  • Barry Bonds returns to Giants for one year, $16 million

    Still one of the most feared hitters in the game, nobody else wanted Bonds and his voluminous baggage, so he scuttled back to the bay. This deal works out well for everyone: Barry gets to play, the Giants get a slugger on a relatively low-risk deal, and no new team will have to adapt to Bondsmania.

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  • Gil Meche signs with Royals (?!?) for five years, $55 million

    The biggest surprise of the offseason has the Royals plunking down $11 million a year for Meche. It's a lot of years and a lot of money for not a lot of player, but when your the Kansas City Royals you have to overpay -- in both years and money -- to get any kind of reasonable free agent to come to your club.

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  • Royals sign Octavio Dotel for one year, $5 million

    The Red Sox apparently made an offer on Friday for Dotel to come on as their closer, but the Royals and their big city money swooped in and nabbed him at the last minute. Dotel has great stuff but he struggled with the Yankees last year and he has a history of being a lousy closer with Houston and Oakland.

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