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Rickey be teaching the kids

In a press release issued today the Mets announced that Rickey Henderson will be with the team for 10 days in Spring Training as a Special Instructor.

In addition to working with some of the younger ballplayers on baserunning techniques, Rickey will also be hosting the following seminars:

[x] Super/System: A Course in Clubhouse Poker
[x] Talking Rickey: The Art of Third-Person Discourse
[x] Better Know a Teammate: Tips for Remembering Guys You Used to Play With

Tickets are still available at the Shea Stadium and Keyspan Park box offices.

From a purely baseball standpoint this is a great move for the Mets. It's not likely that a player will be able to learn all of the finer points of basestealing in a week and a half, but having a player as accomplished as Rickey in camp can only help player development. In addition to his prolific base burglary, Henderson was an on-base machine throughout his illustrious career. He is second on the all-time walk list, sandwiched between Barry Bonds and Babe Ruth. Jose Reyes: start taking notes.