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Interweb: Fire Joe Morgan: Hey, Murray Chass Wrote Something!

The full length of the article, Hey, Murray Chass Wrote Something! And I'm Feeling long-Winded!, is a good old-fashioned verbal berating at the hands of Junior from Fire Joe Morgan. The article is in response to an uninformed NY Times column by Murray Chass entitled, "When 'Moneyball' No Longer Pays Off."

Ricciardi has fared better from an employment standpoint but hasn't finished first in four years.

Really? Not one time has he finished first? In FOUR WHOLE YEARS? In a division with the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox? This is a travesty. Burn all copies of Moneyball immediately. Burn all libraries that have ever housed a copy of Moneyball and all people who have ever read its dust jacket or accidentally run their fingers over its cover at Costco. Travel back in time and prevent Mr. and Mrs. Lewis from conceiving their son Michael. Kill Mrs. Lewis, just to be safe. J.P. Ricciardi has failed to finish first in four years in the AL East.

If you have somehow never stumbled upon FJM, go there now and read everything they've ever written. Go on.. I'll wait.