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Report: Injury Updates on Pedro, Delgado, Matsui

Will Carroll at Baseball Prospectus checks in with some health updates from around the league.

On Pedro Martinez...

Pedro Martinez is looking much better in camp after the treatment of his toe problem got a bit more aggressive. Martinez will continue to be troubled by the toe--it's not getting better, but it can be managed relatively easily, with a worst case scenario of surgery that would cause him to miss several weeks. The Mets think that can be kept at bay. I wonder if that bone-on-bone toe joint could use some Synvisc.

SYNVISC is "used to relieve knee pain due to osteoarthritis", in case you're wondering. This is good news on Pedro, though, as he appears to be on course to be ready on or around Opening Day. The toe will probably bother him for the rest of his career, but it appears to be a manageable ailment, given sufficient rest and attention.

On Carlos Delgado...

The news is a bit more complex for Carlos Delgado. The elbow tendonitis that held him back last year has resurfaced. The Mets have good reports on Delgado, considering Mets trainer Ray Ramirez had his brother Rich in the Puerto Rico camp. (Rich is a Marlins minor league trainer.) The Mets insist the problem is minor and he should be ready for Opening Day. The worry is that this now appears to be a chronic problem. Watch for how Delgado extends his arms.

Delgado looked good in Spring Training action yesterday afternoon, though he had but a single at-bat for Dominican Republic in the WBC. The elbow tendonitis doesn't sound like a "serious", career-threatening type of injury, just a nagging one that may resurface from time to time.

On Matsui...

It won?t be official--and someone please tell me why the DL isn?t automated somewhere in the universe--but Kazuo Matsui could be the first guy ticketed for the disabled list. His knee injury, a Grade 2 MCL strain, will put him on the shelf. For a player compared to Cal Ripken in Japan, Matsui?s been fragile in his three years in the states. He?s out three weeks, starting up the rumor mill in Queens. Expect Alfonso Soriano?s name to come up any second.
No surprises here.