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Mets Thoughts: The Inevitable Soriano Thread

When the Nationals acquired Alfonso Soriano earlier this offseason it appeared we had finally heard the last of the Soriano-to-the-Mets trade rumors. Then last night Soriano refused to play left field in a Spring Training game for Washington and we're back to the well.

So, do you want him? Should the Mets avoid him at all costs? He's a very good offensive secondbaseman, a crummy defensive one, but all-around still a solid player. He doesn't draw walks and he strikes out a lot, we know that. He's a lot better than anything the Mets have right now, but there's no guarantee that the Nats would trade him within the division, or even that the Mets are interested in him.

A Victor Diaz for Soriano + Cash deal might work, as the Nats need a left fielder and the Mets would be crazy to pay Soriano $10 million this season. These things have a way of taking on a life of their own, so I suspect this isn't the last we'll hear about Soriano this spring.

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