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Boxscore: Mets vs Dodgers

The Mets won this one in the bottom of the ninth on a two-out RBI double by Lastings Milledge. Final score: 2-1 Mets, boxscore available at

Aaron Heilman continued his strong spring, throwing five innings of one-run ball, allowing six hits and one walk while striking out three. Darren Olver, Pedro Feliciano, Chad Bradford and Jorge Julio combined to pitch four scoreless innings, allowing just two hits and no walks in the process. Jose Reyes was 2-for-3 batting and 1-for-2 in stolen bases (wtf Rickey?!?). Carlos Delgado was 2-for-2 with a walk, and one of his hits was poked into left field, beating the exaggerated shift that we're likely to see quite a bit of this year.

For the Dodgers, Eric Gagne pitched one inning, allowed a hit and a walk and struck out the side.