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Report: Roster Moves

Player: Royce Ring
Move: Assigned to AAA Norfolk
Comment: Ring did nothing to disappoint this spring, posting a 1.86 ERA in 9.2 innings with an 8:1 K:BB ratio.

Player: Juan Perez
Move: Assigned to AAA Norfolk
Comment: Hasn't been great in camp, but looked better in his last few outings. 14 strikeouts in 12.2 innings is promising.

Player: Jeff Keppinger
Move: Assigned to AAA Norfolk
Comment: Never had a chance. Hit .279/.354/.442 (four walks, six XBH) compared to Anderson Hernandez' .264/.278/.283 (no walks, one XBH). Keppinger isn't much with the glove, but he would have certainly provided more offensive punch than Hernandez, who was awful at the plate last September and has been unimpressive in Spring Training.

Player: Brian Bannister
Move: Named fifth starter
Comment: Good for Bannister, probably not a great move for the Mets. I like Bannister, but I talked about this the other day, and I find it absurd to hand Bannister a starting job based on 16 great spring innings.

Player: Aaron Heilman
Move: Back to the bullpen
Comment: Bad for Heilman (though he still has a big league job), dumb move for the Mets. They must really hate Heath Bell.