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ST Open Thread: Mets vs Nationals (03/04/2006)

Not too many people are on the interweb on the weekends, at least relative to the work-week when most people find all kinds of free time in between TPS reports and coffee breaks. The Mets are taking on the Nats in Port St. Lucie and I'm listening to the Nats broadcast on MLB radio, so I figured I'd post some updates here in case anyone is around and wants to know what's going on in the game.

Starting pitchers are Aaron Heilman for the Mets and Billy Traber for the Nationals.

Bottom 1st: Anderson Hernandez led off with a single. Jose Valentin sacrifice bunt moves Hernandez to second. David Wright flyout to right moves Hernandez to third. Hernandez scores on a Cliff Floyd pop single to center.

Top 2nd: Stud third base prospect Ryan Zimmerman led off with a double, went to third on a groundout but was stranded when Heilman got the next two batters to pop out.

Bottom 2nd: Victor Diaz popped out to Ryan Church in shallow right field. Ramon Castro grounded out to Zimmerman at third. Tejeda grounded out.

Top 3rd: Heilman out, goes to bullpen to throw some more. Brian Bannister in. Someone got out. Marlon Byrd struck out. Vidro lined out to Nady in left field, diving catch.

Bottom 3rd: Matsui grounds out to Zimmerman at third. AHernandez line drive single to right. AHern steals second, goes to third on throwing error by Mike DiFelice. Jose Valentin with an RBI single off of Traber's glove into left field. Hernandez scores. Wright grounds into double-play to second.

Top 4th: Church flies out to Nady in left. Nick Johnson doubles to left-center. Zimmerman walks on four pitches. Michael Tucker grounds into a 3-6-1 double play.

Bottom 4th: Kevin Grybowski replaces Traber. Floyd popped out to Zimmerman at third. Nady singles to centerfield. Nady steals second, throw was in plenty of time by DiFelice but the umpire ruled that Vidro bobbled the ball, apparently he was spiked by Nady. Nady scores on ground-rule double by Diaz. Castro hard grounder to Zimmerman, no play. Infield single, Diaz advances to third. Tejeda fouled out. Matsui grounds out to Vidro at second.

Top 5th: Chad Bradford replaces Bannister. DiFelice grounds out to second. Cristian Guzman grounds out to first baseman Juan Tejeda. Kelley grounds out to Matsui.

Bottom 5th: Joe Horigan replaces Gryboski. Hernandez singled to right. Valentin doubles down left field line scoring Hernandez from first. Wright grounds out to shortstop, Valentin moves to third. Floyd walks on a 3-2 count. Nady fielders choice to shortstop, Floyd out at second, Valentin scores from third. Diaz single to center, Nady to second. Castro singles to left, Nady thrown out at home.

Top 6th: Chris Basak replaces Wright at third. Julio Ramirez replaces centerfielder Jose Valentin (?). Lastings Milledge replaces Nady in left. Byrd doubles to right. Mike Venafro replaces Bradford. Vidro single, Church RBI single, Byrd scores. Johnson flies out to centerfield. Zimmerman struck out looking. Tucker hit by pitch on right knee. DiFelice grounds to Basak at third, throw to first pulls Tejeda off the bad. Everyone is safe, run scores. Guzman grounds to Hernandez, dives, everyone is safe, Church scores. Kelley flies out to center.

Bottom 6th: Juan Tejeda reaches on infield single. Matsui grounds out to third, Tejeda advances to second. Hernandez flies out to right. Ramirez pops out to short.

Top 7th: Jeff Keppinger replaces Matsui at second. Bobby Estalella replaces Castro at catcher. Anderson Garcia replaces Venafro. Byrd pops out to Estalella. Damian Jackson singles. Estelella throws out Jackson stealing second. Lombard singles. Matt LeCroy struck out.

Bottom 7th: Basak flies out to left. Floyd ground-rule double to left-center. Milledge grounds out to third. Diaz struck out swinging.

Top 8th: Jeremy Hill replaces Garcia. Zimmerman homerun. Daryle Ward grounds out to Keppinger. DiFelice singled to left. Dfkdjhkasf hit by pitch (unintelligible; someone was running the vacuum). Kelley walks. Byrd line grounder to Keppinger, stepped on second and threw to first for a double play.

Bottom 8th: Somebody got out, someone else singled (busy; fuming over bills). Keppinger hit into a double play.

Top 9th: Royce Ring replaces Hill. Jackson grounds out to third. Lombard grounds out to short. LeCroy lined a single to left. Zimmerman strikes out to end the game.

Final Score: Mets 5, Nationals 4