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ST Open Thread: Mets vs Astros (03/07/2006)

The Mets are in Port St. Lucie facing the Astros in spring training action this afternoon. The only available broadcast of the game is the Houstin radio feed from I'll try to provide some updates as the game goes on, interspersed with actual work.

Scheduled pitchers for the Mets are Trachsel, Bradford, Ring and Wagner.

Bot 2nd: Chris Woodward RBI single scores Floyd. Franco to third, Diaz to second. Milledge struck out swinging. Tike Redman RBI fielder's choice, Woodward out at second, Redman safe at first, Franco scores. Matsui lined out to second. Mets 2, Astros 0.

Top 3rd: Brian Gordon singled. Three outs.

Bot 3rd: Lo Duca singled. Wright struck out looking. Lo Duca stole second (slid underneath tag). Floyd struck out swinging. Franco RBI single, Lo Duca scores from second. Diaz grounded into fielder's choice, Franco out at second. Mets 3, Astros 0.

Top 4th: Royce Ring replaces Trachsel. Lamb grounded out to second. Preston Wilson struck out looking. Quintaro grounded out.

Bot 4th: Woodward did something, wound up on first. Milledge grounded out, Woodward to second. Redman infield single, Woodward to third on bad throw to first. Redman to second on wild pitch by Buchholz. Matsui hit two-run triple. Lo Duca got out. Wright walked. Floyd singled, Matsui scored, Wright to third. Franco singled, Wright scored, Floyd to second. Woodward flied out. Mets 7, Astros 0.

Top 5th: Jimenez doubled. Gordon RBI single, Jimenez scored. Three outs recorded somehow, details lost in the ether. Mets 7, Astros 1.

Bot 5th: Nothing worth mentioning.

Top 6th: Wagner retires the Astros in order.

Bot 6th: Matsui popped out. Lo Duca grounded out. Wright popped out.

Top 7th: Bradford replaces Wagner. Single, double play, nobody left.

Bot 7th: Nothing memorable.

Top 8th: Astros set down in order.

Bot 8th: Mets did doodily squat.

Top 9th: Bupkis.

Mets win 7-1.