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WTF: The Best of David Wright's Blog Comments, Vol. 1

Well, I don't really feel much like writing about yesterday's debacle. It was one of David Wright's worst games as a professional, but I'm not going to dwell on it.

Instead, I'm going to look at some of the ridiculous comments that people are leaving at David Wright's Blog. I have included the e-mail addresses of the authors (they're prominently displayed on Wright's blog) so you know I'm not making these up. Here we go...

Congrats on your great 2005 David.
If the Mets were smart, they'd buy out your arbitration years right now. Give you some long-term stability.
Good luck on your 2006 campaign!
p.s. How about "The Wright Way"

--Posted by:

This one actually makes a bit of sense. They could get Wright at a reduced rate if they offer him the long-term deal now, but I suspect they will at least let things play out a bit before locking him up.

Mr. David Wright,

Hi I am a 16 year old die hard Met fan. I am so thankful for the Mets organization drafting you. You have became my favorite player and my hero. I don't know if you remember but I met you in spring training and told you that I would buy your Wilson glove. 2 months later..I own a Wilson glove. Good luck this season. Continue to be yourself and good fortune will follow.

--Posted by:



--Posted by:

This is what being on TRL gets you, Davey.

You are a breath of fresh air for us Mets fans. I hope you stay with the team for your entire career. please don't be angry at Fred for not giving you the salary (that he should of). I am sure us met fans will contribute to help your cause. If you email me I will donate any furniture from my website that you want for your home. I am really serious and ask nothing in return. It would give me great pleasure. Just email me.. and let me know what you need.

--Posted by:

Yes, David needs your free furniture. Perhaps you can help him load it into his $70,000 Range Rover.

My name is derek i played with daniel i am on the great bridge team dont hate me haha but tell daniel i said hey and i hope u do good this season i am goin to the game in DC so see u there

--Posted by:

Your bridge team is top-notch, and Daniel says "See you in hell". His words, not mine.

well, i first saw you on your first game in 2004 and ever since then i have been a huge fan, my friend and i are 17 and we are deffinately 2 of your biggest fans. and i must say, that besides being a great ball player, you dont exactly make us gag lol. we came up with some names for your page, and to be honest we know you wont pick them but if nothing else they will make you laugh, so here they are:

the page that belongs to this fine piece of man

the fine piece of man


yeah im david wright...thats how i roll ...

and one more

im david wright, and i rock ...

--Posted by:

Okay, okay, this one was me. What can I say? He's a fine piece of man.

Hi David,
Your grandmother & I had a nice day yesterday- went to the mall and had lunch. Homer
has gotten so big. Your grandmother just loves him and is happy to care for him during the day. They are fun to watch.
A lot more people here are watching the Mets and keeping up with you career as I brag about you so much! My box is getting full with all the news clippings.
Just remember no matter what we are pulling for you and love you. I feel your granddad is watching too!
We are so happy your dream has come true. Best of luck.

--Posted by:

I had to search the entire comments page for "homer" before I figured out that it's Wright's dog's name. Still, this person spent time with Grandma Wright and David's dog and the only way she can get in touch with him is by leaving a comment on his blog?

Here's a name for the Site.
Please Mr Wright tear your ACL this year

--Posted by:

I bet Mike Francesa will feel pretty bad about writing that if Wright actually does tear his ACL.