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Game Notes: Mets vs Padres (04/21/2006)

My boy Matt Gelb posted the Win Probability chart for last night's game over at Here is my version of it:

(click for full-size chart)

Mine has pictures which I think makes all the difference. The first seven innings felt just like the last two losses to Atlanta. The Mets were having all kinds of problems scoring runs, getting men on base, etc.

Steve Trachsel pitched a whale of a ballgame, keeping the Mets in the game all the way into the seventh inning. Other than Chad Bradford, the Mets bullpen was terrific, as Duaner Sanchez pitched out of a bases-loaded, no out jam in the 7th and Aaron Heilman and Jorge Julio each contributed a scoreless, two-strikeout inning.

The best news of all is that Jose Valentin got a base hit and has a brand new entry on his blog.

Some thoughts...

  • It's just one game, but it was really a treat to have something greater than an offensive zero batting in the eight hole. Even if Anderson Hernandez makes a speedy recovery from the disabled list I see no reason to bring him back to the big club. The guy can't hit a lick, and if he is ever going to he needs to work on it at AAA where the games don't mean anything.
  • Julio Franco's still got it.
  • Carlos Beltran needs to put his ass on the shelf for a couple of weeks. He needs to rest his hammy until it's 110%. Not 75%, not 90%, not even 100%. The Mets simply can't afford a repeat of last year's lost season.
  • Nice to see David Wright bounce back with a solid day at the plate and in the field. It must have been all of those encouraging words from readers of his blog.
  • It was nice to see Mike Piazza, but I definitely don't miss his automatic double plays or warning track power.