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Interweb: Hernandez' Big Mouth has picked up on Keith Hernandez's off-color comments during Saturday night's game against the Padres. For those who missed it, Hernandez said:

"I won't say that women belong in the kitchen, but they don't belong in the dugout."

Hernandez was referring to the presence of Kelly Calabrese, a massage therapist, in the San Diego dugout. Hernandez apologized during Sunday's broadcast, but he softened that apology somewhat by robotically quoting the MLB handbook's section on which personnel are allowed in a team's dugout.

Hernandez made an ass out of himself on this one, and it's one of those cases where he would have been much better off just keeping his mouth shut. I suspect it will blow over, and hopefuly Mex will learn to think before he speaks in the future. He's broadcasting a ballgame in front of millions of people, not out grabassing and throwing back a few cold ones with the boys. For Jebus's sake, try to be a little more tactful in the future.