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Interweb: Peter Gammons

The Mets get some love from Gammo in his "blog" at

The Mets have had two significant developments: First, Pedro Martinez is back pitching as a top-of-the-rotation guy, and and with a hint of his attitude. But, just as important, Tom Glavine is back to being one of the best left-handers in the game since he changed his style last summer, started using his curveball and pitching inside; since last July, Glavine has a 1.89 ERA, which ties him with Jose Contreras for the best in the game. Two Hall of Famers in front of what may be the best lineup in the league -- and Brian Bannister looking like the real deal -- gives them a lot of stability.

Second, while Carlos Delgado gives them a major presence in the middle of the order, the fact remains that their two best players are David Wright and Jose Reyes, and Carlos Beltran is a very good player, as well. If they don't have to trade Lastings Milledge to get a Barry Zito, then by the end of the season they will in many ways resemble the '96 Yankees, where their three best players are all under 25. Joel Sherman and I agree on a lot of things, none more strongly than watching Jose Reyes hit the ball in the gap may be the best thing to watch in sports.

Calling Jose Reyes one of the Mets' two best players is a stretch, considering Gammons mentions three playsers in that sentence alone who are better than him.