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Interweb: THT: Minor Matters

Chris Constancio at The Hardball Times takes a look at a few advanced minor leaguers who have gotten off to fast starts. One such player is the Mets' Lastings Milledge. Chris says:

Can his recent high walk rate be explained by a couple of wild pitchers during their recent road trip? Probably not. Milledge's teammates drew 20 walks during their first eight games and 19 walks during the next 8 games. It's unlikely that Milledge will maintain such gaudy numbers for Norfolk throughout the season, but his performance to date does suggest real improvement in his ability to get on base. It's still unclear if he will ever hit for much power, but he is already starting to look more like the Mets' leadoff hitter for the 2007 season.
Sweet! Go check out the rest of his writeup on Milo.