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Game Notes: Mets vs Nationals (04/06/2006)

Well, a very entertaining ballgame last night on a number of levels. The first and most obvious being the Mets victory, in the game (10-5) and the series (2-1). As you'll recall, the Mets started 2005 with five losses before finally notching one in the "W" column, so two out of three ain't bad.

Some cumulative thoughts from the first series:

  • Duaner Sanchez has nasty stuff. His curve is a fast 12-6 hook and his changeup is filthy.
  • Anderson Hernandez has no clue what he's doing at the plate. He did have one really nice swing last night, though unfortunately he lined the pitch right at Alfonso Soriano, who has seemed at least passable defensively in left field.
  • Julio Franco doesn't f### around. Everyone respects the guy, and right now it looks like a brilliant move to bring him in. Moreso, he serves as a mentor and patriarchal figure to the young hispanic players on the team like Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes.
  • Carlos Delgado is good.
  • Per my fianc?e: Xavier Nady is a good looking guy, and David Wright is "hot". Do any females read this site?
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