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Game Notes: Mets vs Brewers (05/12/2006 - 05/14/2006)

Game 1: Brewers 9, Mets 6

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Jose Lima's line from Game 1:

 IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO  HR   PC-ST   GS
4.2   4   5   5   3   2   1   79-49   35
To all of those naysayers who thought Lima Time! would be a complete disaster, well, I guess you were right. Two starts into his Met career, Lima is 0-2 with a 9.31 ERA. Oh, and the Yankees just called up Scott Erickson.

Game 2: Mets 9, Brewers 8

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Jeremi Gonzalez's line from Game 2:

 IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO  HR   PC-ST   GS
5.0   5   3   3   0   4   2   75-54   49
Gonzalez was actually not awful in his Mets debut. He threw strikes, and actually might have allowed two runs instead of three if the umpires had gotten the call right on Prince Fielder's single-turned-homerun. I was actually quite pleased with Gonzalez, who struck out four and didn't walk a batter. If you're going to be a sucky, low-expectation, fifth-starter replacement at least get the ball over the plate.

Game 3: Brewers 6, Mets 5

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Pedro Martinez's line from Game 3:

 IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO  HR   PC-ST   GS
7.0   4   4   4   2  10   2  107-72   61
Pedro pitched really well with the exception of two homeruns he allowed, one of which was a three-run bomb to Damian Miller. Pedro's HR/9 trendline:

YEAR    HR/9
2002    0.59
2003    0.34
2004    1.08
2005    0.79
2006    1.34
Pedro is leading the NL in strikeouts with 62 (in just 53.2 innings) and has a terrific 0.86 WHIP, but the homeruns are problematic. He is dominating all other aspects of the game, but he may just be leaving a few balls to many up in the zone and hitters are taking him to task on them.

Overall a pretty crummy series, especially to lose Pedro's start. Maybe it was asking too much to take two out of three in a series in which Jose Lima and Jeremi Gonzalez both get starts.