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Link Dump: Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

A little Tuesday afternoon link dump to get everybody through the work day.

  • At THT, Maury Brown talks to Todd Radom, designed of numerous professional sports logos, including that of the Brooklyn Cyclones.
  • Bob Klapisch has a new column at about Omar Minaya's quest for a starter (or reliever) to bolster the Mets' pitching staff.
  • Eric Karabell also looks at the Mets' fifth starter situation, vis-a-vis its impact on fantasy baseball.
  • IGN DVD has an interview with the cast and crew from Scrubs, the third season of which was just released on DVD. You can read IGN's review of the set here.
  • If you missed Al Gore's appearance on SNL this past weekend, Crooks and Liars has the hook-up.
  • And so you don't think I'm being partisan, W's classic speech on global warming.
Add your own links in the comments as you please.