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Open Thread - Game 41: Mets vs Yankees (05/19/2006) on WB11

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Is it just me, or would anyone else prefer the Mets just be playing the Phillies or Braves this weekend instead of the Yankees?

From the official pre-game notes:

  • The Mets are 7-0 in the first game of a home series and 11-3 overall in series openers.
  • After 18 home dates this season the Mets have drawn 705,245 fans; last season after 18 home games the Mets drew 597,975 fans, an increase of 107,270 fans.
  • The Mets and Yankees have played a total of 156 times, with the Yankees holding a 92-63 edge with one tie in the series ... The Mets have faced the Yankees in 48 regular season games, with the Yankees holding a 29-19 lead.
  • Willie Randolph is only the second man to play for both the Mets and Yankees and then manage the Mets ... Yogi Berra is the only man to play for both the Mets and Yankees and also manage both squads.
Let's go Mets!

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