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Aftermath: Mets vs Marlins (05/26/2006 - 05/28/2006)

Game 1: Marlins 5. Mets 1

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Pedro Martinez's line from Game 1:

 IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO  HR   PC-ST   GS
7.0   5   2   2   0  10   1   94-67   69
Another Pedro start, another Mets loss. Pedro leads the league in strikeouts, K/9, WHIP and BAA, and is third in K/BB, yet has only five wins on the season and none in May.

Mr. Met:

  • Hitting: Jose Reyes, 5.7% WPA
  • Pitching: Pedro Martinez, 12.3% WPA
Mr. Regret:
  • Hitting: Jose Valentin, -9.1% WPA
  • Pitching: Duaner Sanchez, -12.2% WPA

Game 2: Mets 7, Marlins 4

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Tom Glavine's line from Game 2:

 IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO  HR   PC-ST   GS
7.2   6   3   3   0   9   1  102-71   64
Glavine continues to shine, and his ERA is still good for third in the league, while the nine strikeouts pushes him to sixth in the NL in that category.

Mr. Met:

  • Hitting: David Wright, 20.1% WPA
  • Pitching: Tom Glavine, 32.2% WPA
Mr. Regret:
  • Hitting: Xavier Nady, -14.9% WPA
  • Pitching: Aaron Heilman, -3.1% WPA

Game 3: Mets 7, Marlins 3

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Orlando Hernandez's line from Game 3:

 IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO  HR   PC-ST   GS
5.0   5   3   3   3   7   1  101-63   49
Though not against the stiffest competition, El Duque's first start with the Mets was certainly promising. He worked a lot of deep counts, seemingly going 3-2 on every batter he faced. He walked three, two of which came around to score on Jeremy Hermida's homerun. The seven strikeouts are nice, but again, he needs to be able to put away hitters earlier in the count if he is to last beyond the fifth inning.

Mr. Met:

  • Hitting: Carlos Beltran, 19.3% WPA
  • Pitching: Heath Bell, 10.4% WPA
Mr. Regret:
  • Hitting: Orlando Hernandez, -6.9% WPA
  • Pitching: Orlando Hernandez, -1.2% WPA
Contratulations to El Duque, for becoming the first ever Mr. Regret as both a pitcher and a batter in a single game. This is truly a remarkable accomplishment.