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Interweb: Mets 1994 Draft

Our SBNation brother and minor league baseball expert John Sickels just did a retrospective of the Mets' 1994 draft over at MinorLeagueBall.

On Paul Wilson:

1) Paul Wilson, RHP, Florida State University

Consensus best player in the draft, one of the best pitching prospects ever to come out of college baseball. Compared to guys like Tom Seaver and Roger Clemens. Lived up to his early billing in the minor leagues, dominating Double-A and Triple-A in 1995 with a 194/44 K/BB ratio in 186 innings and an ERA of 2.41, combining power and precision pitching. He was in the Mets rotation in 1996 and had unexpected control problems, going 5-12, 5.38 in 26 starts, then hurting his arm. He spent 1997 through 2000 trying to work his way back. Although he's had moments of adequacy since 2000, his early promise is long gone, his arm slagged from overuse in college and early in his pro career. Career record entering 2006 is 40-58, 4.86 in 942 innings.

Go check out the rest of the article.