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Open Thread - Game 32: Mets vs Phillies (05/09/2006) on SNY

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A week and a half ago the Phillies were 9-14. An eight-game winning streak later they stand at 17-14, just four games behind the first-place Mets. The current poll shows that 52% of you think the Top-3 in the NL East will finish thusly:

  1. Mets
  2. Phillies
  3. Braves
A week ago, a much larger percentage of you felt the Braves would be the Mets' chief competition for the division crown, but it's no surprise that your flip-flopping coincides with the Phillies' hot streak. The Mets send their three best starters against Philadelphia over the course of a three-game series that begins tonight at Citizen's Bank Park.

Let's go Mets!

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