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Top of the Pops: Mets-heim Steamroller

As a Mets fan, the past twenty years have generally taught me to temper my excitement. I suppose this is probably true of the majority of sports fandom, though. The Mets are on an incredible roll right now, winners of their last seven ballgames -- all on the road and none against pushovers -- and allthewhile they have been kicking ass and taking names.

The pitching over this recent stretch has ranged from adequate to outstanding, but the offense has been a juggernaut.

Date   Hits    XBH    Walks    Runs
6/7     14      3       3        9
6/8     11      4       2        7
6/9     13      7       3       10
6/10    10      3       0        5
6/11    15      8      10       15
6/13    13      7       5        9
6/14    16      9       3        9
At least ten hits in every ballgame, at least five runs in every game including nine or more runs five times. The Mets' hitters have been dominant, and Cliff Floyd hasn't played in a week.

The Mets sit atop the NL East and have the best record in baseball at 41-23. They are second in the National League in runs scored with 343 (Dodgers, 354) and second in runs allowed with 275 (Padres, 270). According to Baseball Prospectus, the Mets have a 96.9% change of making the playoffs and a 95.1% likelihood of winning their division outright. The next closest teams to those marks are the Tigers (76.7% chance of making the postseason) and the Rangers (68.0% chance of winning their division).

As many are quick to point out, there are 98 games left in the season, and a lot of baseball yet to be played. The Mets are on a hot streak and their closest competition -- the Phillies and Braves -- are in the midst of cold streaks. These things fluctuate over the course of a long season. Yet, it's impossible to ignore the fact that very seldom does a team with an eight-and-a-half game lead at any point in the season fail to make the postseason, particularly one as well-balanced as the Mets.

The Mets are on top of the world right now, at least as much as any team can be just sixty-four games into the season.