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Interweb: Beerleaguer: Reaction From Phillies Fans

Over at Beerleaguer, one of the best Phillies' sites around, Phillies phans lament their team's plot in life: On being a Phillies fan:

Right now, being a Phillies fan is like Tom G's drinking college friends. We wake up every morning after these embarassing losses with a Phillies hangover. Our heads and hearts ache. We're tired and grumpy. Instead of seeing pink elephants we see pink gNats and Mets and Brewers flying around in front of our faces. Instead of swearing off the stuff that causes us so much discomfort, we immerse ourselves in drinking up more scouting reports, stats, trade rumors, minor league reports. We are contantly opening up another beer(leaguer window), drinking it all in in big gulps. We hear there's a AA meeting and we think, "another update on the Reading farm club". There's no hope for us!
On Pat Burrell's prowess against the Mets:
Regardless of the outcome, does it even really matter how well Pat hits the Mets? Where was he the past couple days? Isn't it like throwing pebbles at King Kong at this point?
On Julio Franco:
How awful is it when I'm jealous that the other team has a very capable 48 YEAR OLD bat on their bench??????


How aweful is it when the other teams 48yo bench player has a higher batting average then anyone on our team?


Franco is automatic for a hit, while Nunez is automatic for an out. Wonder who plays for the first place team?


props to franco. Guy is worth every dollar he's paid. He's a met I cannot dislike.

On Phillies' manager Charlie Manual (any of this sound familiar?):
One more loss and one more day closer to Manuel being out of here. I really hope it is sooner rather than later. I wish it were today...


Nope, even my reasonable, 162 games a season view can take that easily. That final inning had the mark of an inflexible manager who has run out of ideas. I've havered for a while, but I'm firmly in the lose charlie camp now. another manager and coach setup cannot concievably make this team play worse than it does right now. June's not a bad time to shake up shop - c'mon, pat, do us all a favour.


It's time for Foghorn to get an extended summer vacation.


I hope Gillick remembers what the mid-season change to Garner did for the Astros. There is precedence.

And just general malaise:
I'm so infuriated with this team now that I am practically speechless.

As far as I'm concerned they could back up the truck and load all the underachievers up and start from scratch!!

Not only getting swept by those Mutts, but how we did it in the most embarrassing ways possible including one national TV broadcast.

Screw burying the Phils hat, I'm gonna burn one of mine and try and exorcise the demons that surround this franchise. Maybe I'll mutter some incantations over it while I'm at it.

Signed--Disgusted in Oley!