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Lose Some, Lose Some

Tough loss last night for the Mets, especially after they came back in such dramatic fashion in the 7th inning, and on top of Jose Reyes collecting the ninth cycle in team history. It's easy to blame Billy Wagner for last night's loss; after all, he's supposed to be the fireman in the ninth inning and he failed to get the job done for the fifth time this season (four blown saves plus the non-save situation against the Yankees). Wagner's lack of control this season seems to be the principal cause of his struggles, though in general his numbers are still quite good.

The Mets lost last night for a number of reasons, not the least of which was Wagner's performance. Perhaps their biggest failure was managing only two runs against the dried up husk otherwise known as Joe Mays. Still, the Mets had plenty of opportunities to put runs on the board throughout the game but failed to do so.

  • Bottom 3rd: runners on first and third with two outs, Delgado grounds out on the first pitch.
  • Bottom 4th: runners on first and third with no outs, Nady struck out looking, Chavez struck out swinging, Soler grounded out.
  • Bottom 5th: bases loaded with two outs, Nady struck out swinging on three balls out of the strike zone.
  • Bottom 8th: runners on first and second with two outs, Lo Duca lined into a double play.
  • Bottom 9th: runner on first with no outs, Delgado flied out and Wright hit into a double play.
I'm not going to sit here and make excuses for Wagner -- he stunk last night. But the Mets had a good number of chances to knock in a run or two (or more) earlier in the game and wound up leaving a lot of runners on base. The worst at-bat of the game was Nady's in the fifth inning with the bases loaded, as Mays threw four pitches out of the strike zone and got Nady swinging. The kid has a lot of pop in his bat but he has struggled with his strike zone judgement since day one. It's hard to rail on him for one at-bat, but that was one to keep off the highlight reel for sure.

Once again the Mets lose in miserable fashion at home but they don't really suffer for it because the rest of the division lost as well. I guess it's just the fans that have to suffer for this one.