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Boston Massacre Redux?

Two days, two tidy asswhippings at the hands of the Red Sox. At least the Mets stuck around a little while on Tuesday night; last night they were out of it from the get-go. Pedro Martinez, who has been spotty with his command for most of the season, has been able to mask that flaw by facing the largely-underwhelming offenses of the National League. A combination of nerves and a potent Boston lineup (as well as another muffed flyball by Lastings Milledge) proved to be too much for Martinez last night, and the Mets got shelled 10-2.

These teams aren't all that different. You can go position-by-position and I doubt you would see a gigantic advantage, collectively, for either team. Big Papi is a big win compared with whomever the Mets have coming off the bench; Julio Franco and Paul Lo Duca in the first two games. The starting rotations aren't that much different, though I'd give the Sox an edge there. The Mets probably have the stronger bullpen overall, though the closer edge goes to Boston for the season to this point.

The real problem is that the Mets have run into the hottest team in baseball in their own home park with their home field advantage and their own league rules. These aren't excuses; they're facts. The Red Sox have annihilated the Mets in the first two games of this series. They have produced in clutch situations where the Mets have come up short. They have caught the ball while the Mets have kicked it around a bit. Giving the opposing team extra outs and leaving runners in scoring position, is just death against a team like the Sox.

The Mets are just 5-5 in their last ten games, but thanks to the American League beating up on everyone in their division, they have only lost ground to one team (one game to the Marlins) and have actually gained ground on everyone else.

I'd like to see Tom Glavine go out there tonight and salvage something of this series. I almost wrote "respectability" there, but the Mets already have plenty of respectability; moreso than they have had in a long time. A crummy series isn't going to change that.