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Boston Massacre Redux!

I have to agree with Matt on this one: the just-completed three game dismantling of the Mets at Fenway couldn't have come at a better time.

For starters, the Mets have a comfortable lead in the National League East, and coupled with the general ineptitude up-and-down that division, the Mets can certainly afford to lose a few games here and there. "Here" and "there" being "right now" and "hopefully not anytime soon".

Really, go read Matt's article, because he makes a lot of the same points that I would make. Namely:

  1. The Mets have some serious problems with the back end of their rotation. Their sizeable division lead gives them some flexibility to try out a few different things, like giving John Maine another shot or bringing up Mike Pelfrey, either as a reliever or a starter.
  2. Since allowing his first earned run of the season on May 9th, Duaner Sanchez has been awful. Not counting last night's performance, Sanchez has a 5.23 ERA, allowing 24 hits and 12 walks while striking out just 13 in 20.2 innings.
  3. Willie maybe still isn't a very good in-game manager. Largely, his insistence on batting Paul Lo Duca second in the order despite underwhelming production. I like Lo Duca as a person and, speaking as someone who generally sides with the statheads, I enjoy his approach the game. That said, his knack for situational hitting doesn't really justify slotting his .325 OBP and .395 SLG so high in the order.
The Mets leave Boston and head back to New York for three games at Yankee Stadium where they will feature the powerhouse troika of Orlando Hernandez, Steve Trachsel and Alay Soler. Oh joy!