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Interweb: Mets Top 20 in Review

Over at our friend John Sickels revisits his pre-season top 20 Mets prospects.

Milledge and Pelfrey are a nice combo at the top. Humber can rejoin them soon if his elbow holds up, and Fernando Martinez could be the best of all if his knee is OK. After that it thins out quickly. There are some guys with tools like Carlos Gomez, but most of them are held back by a weak approach at the plate. Watch sleeper lefty Jon Niese next year for major improvement. He is a projectable lefty that I really like intuitively.
His summary basically says it all. There are a handful of good-to-great prospects on this list and a lot of garbage. Humber has looked good in his first few starts back after Tommy John surgery, and John Niese looks like he good be really good.