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Rumor Mill: Abreu to Mets? Milledge involved?

Rumors persist that the Mets and Phillies are working on a deal to bring OBP machine Bobby Abreu to Shea, with the Mets reportedly considering including Lastings Milledge in a deal.

Presumably, the Mets realize that Milledge's peak value is as a centerfielder, though he has no hope of filling that role at Shea until around 2012 when Beltran's contract expires.

Abreu, on the other hand, profiles more as a corner outfielder and is regularly one of the best on-base guys in the league. He has ranked in the top eight each of the past four seasons and the top 10 in walks every season since 1998. He is 8th on the active list in OBP and 35th all-time. He has been in the top five in power/speed number (a Baseball Reference metric) every year since 1999. Just go look at his numbers.

Abreu has fallen out of favor in Philadelphia for his perceived indifference on the field, and he has seen a big power dropoff since his performance in the homerun derby last season, but he is still an elite player. It's still just a rumor right now, but the interested in Abreu among other MLB teams appears to be minimal, so the Mets may be Philly's best hope at moving him and his big money ($15 million in 2007, $16 million team option in 2008), though the word is that Abreu won't waive his no-trade clause unless the receiving team exercises his 2008 option.

Source = ESPN Insider.