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Rumor Mill: Trade Deadline Chatter

Open thread for today's 4pm trade deadline. Some names being bandied about:

- Roy Oswalt
- Jason Schmidt
- Livan Hernandez
- Barry Zito

I'll keep this thread updated with links to trade deadline buzz around the web.

UPDATE [12:29pm]: Billy Wagner wants the Mets to trade for Brad Lidge so he can fix him [Source = Houston Chronicle].

UPDATE [3:26pm]: Mets have traded Xavier Nady to the Pirates for Oliver Perez and Roberto Hernandez. [Source =].

UPDATE [4:35pm]: ESPN News is reporting that the Mets have traded Oliver Perez to the Padres for setup man Scott Linebrink. Earlier reports had Heath Bell in the package, so it's not clear which is true. Fans everywhere are loving this trade, but I guess I'm in the minority. I loved that Omar nabbed Perez, who I think was a steal. I guess I'm just not as high on Linebrink as some others out there.