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I think we all know what happened here today.  The Mets laid a disgrace on the Braves that will set them back for a generation.

The coup-de-grace, the strike 'em out throw 'em out to end the game on Sunday, couldn't have left Booby Cox any more humiliated than if he had been personally de-pantsed on the pitcher's mound by Mr. Met himself, forced to bend over, and been given an exaggerated, rodeo-style, hat-waving dry hump while a re-enactment of Sherman's March took place in center field.

What in God's name has happened to the Braves?  Is that rag-tag bunch of juvenile delinquents they call a pitching staff the handiwork of Benedict, er, Roger McDowell?  I mean, I knew Leo Mazzone was a Talmudic scholar/genius and all, but crimminy, I haven't seen a more disasterous turn of events since Robert Livingston announced his candidacy for speaker of the House of Representatives.  

One thing the Braves have always been known for is what a classy organization they are.  I'll have to put that question to Jorge Sosa, whom they had pitch an inning of mop-up duty in that 11-3 debacle on Saturday prior to DFA-ing his sorry arse on Sunday morning.  Classy, indeed.

I do give credit to Chippa.  He saw the writing on the wall in game 1. It was obvious to him that between himself, Chimpy McSmirksalot, Cro-Magnon But Not as Java Man as Rafael Furcal Marcus Giles, and a bunch of Frenchmen, they were simply not going to Git R Done, so he wisely took to the DL for the remainder of this year's campaign.  "Strained oblique", huh?  I think that's the same injury Ken Lay tried to claim before his sentencing hearing before his lawyers convinced him he needed to come up with something more convincing if he wanted to avoid jail time.  I wonder what Chippa will be naming his next child.  How about "One-for-Fourteen"?  That seems like a nice name.

So who do the Mets need to fear now?  The Cardinals are the only team within shouting distance of us, and for whatever reason they don't really frighten me.  Perhaps it's the way they rolled over in the WS against the Red Sox a couple of years ago.  Maybe it's because Jim Edmonds seems mildly retarded, Albert Pujols seems jacked up with HGH, and Scott Rolen appears to be made of LEGOs, I'm not sure.  Could be the the 4 game sweep at the hands of the Cubs, leaving them 5 games behind us in the overall NL standings.

I wish we were still in the running to get a shot at a home field advantage for the World Series, but there are several people who ensured that we would not have a shot at that:  the terminally stupid Bud Selig, the brain-cramped Phil Garner, who chose David Friggin' Eckstein over Billy Friggin' Wagner, and, the most All Hat No Cattle guy this side of the Lincoln Memorial; Trevor Friggin' Hoffman.

Alright, enough ranting for me.  Time to lay awake all night in anticipation of what Omar has for us under our proverbial tree in the morning.  I hope he comes through a little better than Patrick Fitzgerald.  I certainly can't complain with what he's put together so far.

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