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Rasta Moves

The Mets have done a bit of roster shuffling over the past day, though I'm still a bit hazy on some of the details. What I know:

  • Pedro Martinez was placed on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to June 29th.
  • Heath Bell was originally recalled to take Pedro's rost spot, but was not cleared by the league. Normally, a team must wait 10 days before recalling a player they just demoted, though an exception is made when the player is replacing someone who is placed on the DL. The wrinkle is that since Pedro was placed on the DL retroactively, Bell can't be recalled because he was with the Mets on June 29th.
  • Henry Owens has been recalled from AA Binghamton to take Pedro's place on the roster.
  • Last week, Alay Soler was shipped to AAA Norfolk and Lima Time! was recalled.
  • Mike Pelfrey has not yet been recalled, but is expected to be called up in time to start one of Saturday's games against the Marlins.
  • Lima Time! is starting tomorrow night against Dontrelle Willis.
  • That last bullet made me throw up in my mouth.
  • It's not yet clear who will be demoted to make room for Pelfrey, though my hunch (hope?) is that it will be Lima Time!
And that's where we stand. I think. Oh, and in case you hadn't heard of Henry Owens, here is his pitching line from Binghamton:
 ERA   IP   H      R  ER  HR  BB   SO
1.08  25.0  8   4   3   0   8   51
That's good for a WHIP of 0.64, H/9 of 2.88, SO/9 of 18.36, BB/9 of 2.88, HR/9 of 0.00 and SO/BB of 6.4. Oh, and he throws 100 MPH.