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Mets acquire Shawn Green?

MetsGeek is reporting that WFAN is reporting that the Mets have acquired Shawn Green for Royce Ring and Victor Diaz.

There are few details available, but this looks to me like a no-lose proposition for the Mets.  Last night's performance aside, Ring has not proven himself to be reliable, and the Mets have a surplus of lefties in the bullpen right now.  Diaz must have burned whatever bridges he has with the Mets and has been mired in AAA all season, where he hasn't given the Mets any reason to give him another shot.

Green's power numbers have fallen off big-time from the heights of 1998-2002, but he still has been decent at the plate over the past three seasons:

  • 2003: .280/.355/.460
  • 2004: .266/.352/.459
  • 2005: .286/.355/.477
If this goes through, the Mets go into the postseason with an outfield made of some combination of Beltran, Floyd (assuming he's not hurt), Green, Chavez, and Milledge.  I think Green makes up for the loss of Nady moreso than the Milledge/Chavez platoon we've been seeing.  Thoughts?

Update [2006-8-15 11:24:29 by kingcritical]: Rumors, rumors everywhere. MetsBlog says:

WFAN has not reported that D?Backs OF Shawn Green has been acquired for OF Victor Diaz and LHP Royce Ring, according to the station?s newsroom.

So this might be idle speculation, but I still think it would be a good deal if the Mets can make it happen. I'll pass along more info as/when/if I find it.