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Aloha! Means Goodbye

Amazin' Avenue Patrons,

I leave tomorrow for my wedding/honeymoon. Me and my soon-to-be wife Kim are getting married on Maui on August 14th, though we're stopping in L.A. on the way out there on account of me not wanting to spend eleven straight hours on a plane. The good news is we'll get to take in a Dodgers game and see my recently-geographically-displaced sister.

I am leaving the site (and the Mets!) in the capable hands of our AA comrades kingcritical, anonymous and Mr. Met. They'll take care of you while I'm gone (and in fact they have largely been keeping this ship afloat this past week as I've been tying up loose ends).

Thanks to everyone for your support, and don't forget about MetsGeek Night at Shea on August 8th. Bring your signs, as I'm Tivo'ing the game and expect to see some representation on SNY when I get back!


--Eric Simon