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Williams Has Surgery

Mets pitcher Dave Williams had surgery on a herniated disk in his neck today. There's no word yet as to how much time he'll miss, but it could be fairly significant (Steve's Trachsel's herniated disk sidelined him four months a couple years ago).

Williams's role with the team wasn't very clearly defined. He planned on competing for the fifth starter's job and was a favorite for the long relief post vacated by Darren Oliver. Last year Williams filled in admirably as a spot starter late in the season, going 3-1 with a 5.59 ERA.

It certainly does bring the recent signing of Aaron Sele into a new light. It seems likely the team knew about the injury and searched for a capable replacement. Despite their ages and pitching from different sides of the rubber, they're pretty similar guys: both had K/9's under 5.00 and BB/9's of 2.61 last season.

Also, from that same article, the Mets officially signed Ruben Sierra in a move that surprised no one. I just can't see him making the team when the Mets have too many outfielders as it is and another good clubhouse guy, Julio Franco, also on the roster.