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Top 50 Mets Musings

No new profile today; these guys are very time-consuming, usually taking from two-to-four hours for each. There's quite a bit of research involved, though that's where a lot of the enjoyment comes from. I was born in 1978, so a lot of these guys played before I was born or during my wee years. Much of this information is new to me, and these profiles are my way of connecting with Mets' history. Some thoughts:

  • One thing I realized pretty early on is that if one hundred Mets fans compiled their own Top 50 lists, the variation from list-to-list would be comically voluminous. I supposed that's why these lists are so much fun: everyone has their own opinion of where this guy fits in or that guy, and I encourage you to compile your own lists and rank them according to whatever is important to you.
  • I only considered a player's contributions with the Mets. Willie Mays and Nolan Ryan were wonderful ballplayers, but neither was particularly spectacular in orange-and-blue. They get zero credit in my book for their accomplishments in other uniforms.
  • The list is understandably thin towards the bottom. The Mets have been in existence for 45 seasons, many of which were awful. Coming up with fifty outstanding players given that lifetime and the Mets' history of baseball ineptitude is a fool's game.
  • For a few seconds I considered making this a Top 100 list. Do you know who was #100? Ty Wigginton. And so goes the story of the Top 50 Mets.
  • If I decide to update this list a few years from now, a number of active Mets would likely make that list who didn't this time around.
  • Longevity and cumulative value are strongly considered in the final rankings. This is a Mets list after all, so durability and commitment are rewarded comparably to short stints of excellence. I decided not to make this a "Mets 50 Best Single Seasons" list.
  • I have already had some requests to profile players who ultimately didn't make the list, so when I'm done I will be open to suggestions if anyone hasn't had their fill by that point.
  • One of my goals for this list was to provide some interesting and new content to fill the long winter months, and I hope to have the whole list wrapped up before opening day.
That's it for now. I hope to have #43 up for Thursday and possibly #42 on Friday.