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Wednesday Morning Mets Newsstand

There is very little in the way of real "news" related to the Mets right now. We know that they are probably waiting for Rudy Jaramillo's contract with the Rangers to expire at the end of the month and are reportedly interested in bringing him on board as hitting coach. In such a scenario, Howard Johnson would likely be moved back to the first base coaching box and Rickey Henderson would be relieved of his duties. GM Omar Minaya is an old friend of Jaramillo's from their days together in Texas. Some of you may recall that the Mets actually flirted with Jaramillo three years ago when they were trying to fill their managerial opening vacated by the ousted Art Howe. That job ultimately went to Willie Randolph and Jaramillo re-upped with the Rangers. The Mets would appear to be set at manager for the immediate future but Minaya still has designs on bringing Jaramillo eastward.

Nate Silver revisits his 50 Most Valuable, a list he compiled for back in May. This is the proverbial "start your franchise" list of players who are likely to have the biggest impact on the game over the next half-dozen years or more. Silver has provided the framework for an updated list which includes two notable, high-ranking Mets:

2. David Wright (8)
10. Jose Reyes (7)

I'm a little surprised to see Reyes as high as #7 considering the disappearing act he pulled for much of last season's second half, but he is still just 24 and there is an awful lot to like about him. Hanley Ramirez was third, and likely would have been second if he weren't, as Keith Law intimated in his chat last night, the "worst defensive shortstop in baseball". About a year ago a lot of us were wondering what Wright's ceiling was. He was coming off a terrible second half following his prodigious All-Star Game homerun derby performance and it wasn't clear whether or not he would get his power stroke back. A year later he is an MVP candidate and one of the best players in the league. Like Reyes, Wright is just 24.

Speaking of chats, Steven Goldman of Baseball Prospectus responded to the following question during Tuesday's chat:

Mike (Utica,NY): What do the Mets have to do to get better pitching? Do you think one of the trio of Millege, Martinez, and Gomez will be dealt? Who do you think is the NL MVP?

Steven Goldman: I suspect one of those three will go, but I'm not sure how much value they'll bring. Martinez is a heck of a prospect, but he's far away and had an injury year. Gomez is a pinch-runner. He's never going to hit well enough to play despite the fact that his legs make him capable of making the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs. Milledge has promise, but the Mets need him, because they have to have other outfielders around Shawn Green.

I thought Wright was the MVP, but I'm pretty sure Holliday passed him with the voters.

Hard to argue with much here. 2007 was something of a lost year for Gomez, as he spent most of the year either injured or hitting poorly with the Mets. He had made some decent strides in 2006 in the Mets' minors but right now he doesn't look like much of a hitter. If the Mets can spin him into something useful (e.g. a starting pitcher) I think they would jump at the opportunity. I know I would.