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Alex Rodriguez Opts Out

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According to, Alex Rodriguez will inform the Yankees that he is opting out of the last three years of his contract. The Yankees were reportedly preparing a five-year, $150 million extension to present to Rodriguez and super-agent Scott Boras on Monday, a deal that would have kept A-Rod in pinstripes through 2015.

The news comes straight from Boras:

"Alex made the decision today," Boras said. "I thought we should notify the club."
It is likely no coincidence that this forthcoming announcement comes just a couple of days after news of the Yankees' offer surfaced. My guess is that A-Rod had zero interest in returning to the Yankees, as a five-year extension worth $30 million annually is pretty tough to turn down, even for someone with megabucks like Rodriguez. If we assume that A-Rod was looking for a ten-year deal, it doesn't seem unreasonable to think that Boras could have squeezed a couple extra years out of the Steinbrenner's. This decision tells me that Rodriguez wants out of the Bronx, and that he believes he can get something approaching 8/$240 elsewhere.