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Mets Reportedly Bring Back Alou, Easley

According to Adam Rubin's blog, the Mets have set a 4:15 conference call to discuss Moises Alou and Damion Easley. The former had a $7.5 million team option for 2008, and the latter was a free agent.

Details to come later.

Update [4:56pm by Blackfish]: The details are in, and they have indeed picked up Alou's option and signed Easley to a one-year, $950,000 contract.

The Alou option was really a no-brainer given his great semi-season. As for Easley, he's coming off a pretty severe ankle injury, and he's getting up there in age at 38. That said, the cost isn't prohibitive, and the team won't be relying on him for much.