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Elias Releases 2007 Player Rankings

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National League
American League

Notable Mets (Player, Rating, FA Type):

  • Tom Glavine, 79.327, A
  • Paul Lo Duca, 70.463, B
  • Luis Castillo, 69.246, B
  • Shawn Green, 66.517, B
Right now it doesn't look like the Mets are safe bets to retain any of these guys, and they should make certain they get at least a couple of draft picks back when they sign elsewhere by offering most if not all of them arbitration. They are likely to lose a draft pick or three when they sign free agents of their own so it would be nice to replenish those.

Alex Rodriguez and Jorge Posada, two players the Mets are rumored to be interested in, are both Type A free agents. Type A free agents result in a team's highest available draft pick being awarded to the free agent's former team as compensation. Type B free agents award the former team with a sandwich pick between the first and second rounds of next June's draft but no penalty to the signing team.

Other names of interest:

  • Curt Schilling, 78.075, A
  • Michael Barrett, 72.973, A
  • David Riske, 62.425, B
  • Yorvit Torrealba, 62.162, B
Players are ranked by position according to the following groups:
  • First basemen, designated hitters and outfielders
  • Second basemen, shortstops and third basemen
  • Catchers
  • Starting pitchers
  • Relief Pitchers