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Posada's Off The Market

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Less than two hours after Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera were reported to become free agents tonight, the Yankees have apparently resigned Posada to a four-year, $52 million deal.

I was pushing for the Mets to sign Posada, knowing full well that the fourth year might have amounted to a throwaway. Relative to the available talent at the catching position, if Posada could have played 120 games behind the plate for the first three years of the deal I think it might have been worth it anyway. His amazing 2007 contract year performance notwithstanding, an average Posada year is still astoundingly better than that of your typical catcher.

The Mets will likely turn their attention to Paul Lo Duca, Ramon Castro or Yorvit Torrealba (bleah!), or perhaps attempt to pry Ramon Hernandez (Orioles) or Miguel Montero (Diamondbacks) from their respective teams.