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Castro to Return, Local Pastry Chefs Rejoice

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Local area papers are aflutter with news that Ramon "Hippo" Castro will return to the Mets after agreeing to a two-year, $4 million deal.

It also appears that we will have an answer from Norbit Yorvit Torrealba today, as his agent Melvin Roman said, "All I can say is Omar (Minaya) and the Mets have done a tremendous job". Roman was also overheard muttering, "Three years, fifteen mill for this guy? Really?".

Castro and Torrealba are set up to split time at catcher next year, hopefully with Castro getting at least half of the playing time if not more. Castro is clearly the superior hitter while historically Torrealba has been a strong defender. Such a tandem would represent a perfectly reasonable catching platoon, with Torrealba manning the plate against high-speed opponents while Castro would play whenever the Mets wanted any actual offensive production from the position.

No official announcement has been made regarding Castro, as he is likely to take a physical before anything is set into stone. Castro had some back problems last year and his overall health is his biggest concern going forward.