Glavine deal is close, other going ons

Sunday, November 18th. New goings on in various areas of the Metropolitans.

Glavine, someone many want out of town, is apparently close to doing such.

Glavine's Representative said Saturday after negotiations brought the sides close to an agreement on what's likely to be a one-year contract worth about $8 million.

"I think it's a pretty good chance" it will be finalized Sunday, agent Gregg Clifton said late Saturday. "We made a lot of progress, and we're going to speak again in the morning."

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If a deal is completed today, the Braves might still wait until Monday to announce it at a news conference with Glavine present.

My worry is that if the Braves or Glavine draw this out, it means we need to offer arbitration to Glavine. I'm all for that, but there is talk that the Wilpons want to be 'nice guys' and not offer him arbitration, therefor losing us the braves first round pick (18th over all or such). It better not happen, swear to god.

Mr. Willie Randolph came out today, saying

"He faults himself for not going at them harder at times, for not pointedly "telling them what time it is" on two or three occasions. His instinct was to have a meeting before the Phillies series in mid-September, and he didn't follow it, not wanting to seem panicky. There were behind-the-scenes meetings, for sure - after the sweep in Philadelphia, Randolph was as impassioned as a Sunday preacher, imploring his people to take ownership of the division, to prove they were the best and not wait for anyone to hand it to them, and kicked a waste basket on his way out."
About time he came out and admitted it. Here's hoping he can nab lack-a-daisical play in the ass early.

Other news:
We all know metsies are interested in David Eckstein. Im neutral on it.

The Mets also have another shot at Johan Santanna. He was offerd a 5 year deal from minnesota; the same length as zambrano, with the same amount of money per year. If he denies it, the game is on.

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